Feature length Sci-Fi - Thriller movies, that thriller and horror film made for honor of a legend, John Carpenter.

PythonFilm LLC 2013.
PythonFilm LLC 2013.

Feature length Sci-Fi - Horror -Thriller movie.



Sometimes a dream is worth dying for…and sometimes it’s worth killing for.


Ben is a highly successful horror film director, but he’s never wanted to get pegged as just “the horror guy.”  So, for years Ben has worked tirelessly to produce and direct a romantic dramatic script he wrote called “The Well.” Unwilling to compromise and in danger of losing his financing, he finally stumbles upon the final piece to make his vision whole, the embodiment of all that he has been searching for…his lead actress, Sally.  Unfortunately, the dream quickly turns to nightmare when Sally's baggage comes along for the ride, her boyfriend Frank.

Frank wreaks havoc on the set, threatening to destroy years of meticulous planning.  It's up to Ben to save the film, so he sets his mastery of plot upon the douchebag derailing it.  Failed plans begin to mount, and the once collected Ben begins to unravel.  That is, until the perfect solution to saving his film and solving the Frank problem dawns upon him...the douche must die.

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